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Nurse Love Syndrome-DARKSiDERS

In 2012 a remake was released also for the PSP called Nurse Love Syndrome Re:therapy. A game which originally had 12 possible endings ended up with a completely bloated 26. This would not have been so bad but it extended the stories of the original 3 love interests by several hours. There are now 3 new routes, and additional 2 which brought more flavour to previous side characters, and a completely new girl, who has been sutured in.

Nurse Love Syndrome-DARKSiDERS

Written by real life nurses Sakura Sakura and Madoka Madoka, Nurse Love Syndrome shares the same world as Nurse Love Addiction. Focusing on young adults fresh out of school, guide Kaori in her story of growth, love, and medicine.

Now then, let us continue. As mentioned Kaori is an adorable protagonist who is not the sharpest tool in the box but is very capable of adapting across her first year as a nurse trainee. She is fortunate to work with a team who often scold her for mistakes but acknowledge her rookie status and praise her as she improves, making sure she does not let the praise get to her head. While I did say the story is for the most part a hospital drama Kaori has an unknown past she struggles with in the form of recurring nightmares and a traumatic experience that continues to haunt her. Depending on the chosen love interest Kaori either faces the darkness or puts it behind her to focus on her new life.

As readers have noticed the character art looks slightly older than NLA. The original NLS is its predecessor after all. Still the ladies look quite nice. It is cute how each love interest pretty much has their own theme, usually playing when Kaori interacts with a specific coworker or patient. Think of this as a PS3 HD Remaster rather than a PS4 one. The other tunes are nice too.

Overall readers who do not mind typos here and there will be rewarded with a massive romance drama that will teach and enthrall with an interesting cast of lovely ladies. The presentation looks older than Nurse Love Addiction but it is its predecessor so it makes sense. With over 20 Endings, post Good End Extra chapters, extra scenes in the second or third playthrough and the $40 price tag is justified.

In 2019 the last thing I expected to be doing was playing a newly released PlayStation Vita title. This comes in the form of the Yuri visual novel Nurse Love Syndrome, which is an updated version of Nurse Love Syndrome Re:Therapy which was only released in Japan. Promising an interesting tale of life as a nurse all while trying to find love, I was keen to sit down with this title and experience what it had to offer.

In Nurse Love Syndrome players will step into the shoes of Kaori Sawai on her first day as a nurse at Yurigahama Hospital. Following a near-death experience when she was a child, she has always had the desire to become a nurse. Starting out as a fresh graduate the story will follow Sawai as she grows both as a nurse and an adult and along the way learns about love and medicine. The story is engaging from the first moments and explores a lot of details around both relationships and medicine that make it a very human tale.

While Nurse Love Addiction primarily unfolds in a nursing school and deals with the shared traumatic past of a small group of students, Nurse Love Syndrome, at least on a first pass, is a rather more down-to-earth affair that concerns the struggles of a rookie nurse during her first year on the job.

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(deployads = window.deployads []).push(); Story As a teen, Kaori Sawai nearly faced the final days of life after a terrible accident left her hospitalized. When Kaori recovered and was released, she knew what she wanted to do in life...become a nurse to help others. Now after years of grueling training and hardship, Kaori has finally landed her dream job of being a nurse at the same place she was sent to as a teen. However, is Kaori ready to endure the tough life that being a nurse brings or will she realize that the pains of nursing are too much for many to endure? Will Kaori meet a fellow nurse or staff member and fall in love or will her heart be consumed by work? Find out in Nurse Love Syndrome!

Back in 2016, Degica Games brought Nurse Love Addiction, a game about a young woman named Asuka who entered The Imperial Capital Nursing Technical School to become a nurse (and perhaps find love with one of her classmates). Now, another installment in the series is leaving Japan. Nurse Love Syndrome will arrive on the PlayStation Vita and PC in April 2019.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered includes the original game, the social autolog functionality, quality of life improvements, some visual upgrades, and a lovely photo mode. It is great to see the Nintendo Switch version not compromised when it comes to gameplay, features, and content.

On the deck of the ship, she shoots at Guame, but his armor protects him. She watches Simon's speech and is in awe while commenting that he needs some work. She gets uneasy of Nia while waiting for Dai-Gurren to be fixed. However when Adiane attacks, Yoko appears and shots her Gunmen square in the shoulder. Afterwards, she makes peace with Nia and admits to herself that she was stupid for distrusting her. From there, she helps Simon by piloting Gurren for Rossiu. She does her best but when Viral attacks, she opens her hatch to shoot which Viral then hits, causing her to be knocked out. Simon saves her and she watches him fight Viral one on one remarking that he can pilot alone. Cytomande, however,r holds her hostage, but when the Dai-Gurren attacks, Simon saves her again. She then asks Simon if he knew that she loved Kamina, to which he smiled and said yes. From there on she helps Simon by advising him. She orders him to go on and defeat Lordgenome and helps by fighting against the Gunmen.

When Yoko and Kamina first met, Kamina took no time in hitting on her thinking she was from the surface; he quickly lost interest when he figured out she's not from the surface. Their clashing personalities often led to bickering and banter. Still both of them remain very protective of themselves during combat against the Beastmen. Kamina is very tolerant of Yoko's beatings and scoldings, letting most of them fly and even apologizing to her for his behavior in episode six (after a punch to the face). It's an extremly volatile relationship due to both of the characters unyielding personalities, yet it's also full of trust, care ,and partnership. Despite regularly calling Kamina a man of unlimited stupidity, she like many others found herself infatuated and eventually falling in love with him. It is shown that both Yoko and Kamina strongly rely on each other. Yoko states she was holding onto the thought that no matter what, Kamina would always think something out and pull through, and Kamina entrusts his safety in the battle against Thymilph to Yoko. However it is after this that he reveals that he is only ever confident enough to keep pulling reckless and hairbrained stunts because he believes Simon, as in the two brothers' past, will be there to bail them out if things go south. Yoko appears to be the only person to whom Kamina can reveal this side of himself to as she acts as his confidant in episodes 7 and 11,when Kamina reveals his intentions behind starting the revolution and expands upon his normally hidden fear and doubt.

Eventually, Yoko confessed her feelings for Kamina with a kiss, which Kamina was more than happy to accept as he kisses her again, telling her he will return that feeling 10 times over later causing Yoko to giggle, not knowing what he meant. Unfortunately, Kamina was unable to fulfill that promise as he was killed. Yoko was greatly affected by Kamina's death although Yoko tried to stay strong for everyone in the brigade. When Dakkaya asked if she was alright, she stated that she was fine although later in the shower Yoko cries stating that Kamina was an idiot because even though he said he would return her love tenfold he only left a big hole in her heart. After Simon brings Nia back, she gets irritated with her when she talks about Kamina loosely without ever knowing him. 350c69d7ab


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